Shop Services

We offer a wide variety of services in our shop, everything from gunsmith work, to Kydex holsters and concealed carry classes.

Classes and Training

Concealed Carry Classes: $75 per person
We offer weekly Concealed carry courses at our shop with a NRA certified firearms instructor. Classes are by appointment only. Contact us for class dates and to schedule up.

Introduction to Firearms: $199 per person
This is a one on one course we do that gets an individual familair with handling a firearm, safety rules, grip, stance, and more! Including using our firearms simulator to diagnose your shot groups and patterns to make a more effective training session. Check our Introduction to firearms training page on it for more details

Check out our full list of classes and training to see what other courses we offer.

Gun Smith Work

General Shop Services Rate: $70 per hour
For anything that doesn’t fall into a category for defined services we charge per hour. We will give you an estimate for how long we expect it to take and a cost for parts as well for the job.

We have quite a few specialty tools to do everything from your standard break fix to making new components for guns that they just don’t make parts for anymore.

Check our gun smithing services page for a full list of details

Gun Cleaning

Our cleaning services are tiered so you can get a level of cleaning dependent on how often you shoot, and how much detail you need.

Basic Gun Cleaning: $35 per gun
A complete field strip is performed and any carbon, dirt, lint, etc are removed from the weapon. Throughout the disassembly and cleaning we inspect for defects and issues that effect the performance and safety of your weapon.

“The Works” Gun Cleaning: $60 per gun
We completely disassemble the firearm, and perform an ultra sonic cleaning to remove built up dirt, grease, oil, etc. as well as normal carbon buildup. As usual we also inspect your weapon for defects and issues that effect the performance and safety of your weapon.

Other Services

Laser Bore Sighting: $35 per gun
We use an in house sighting system that allows us to zero your weapon out to different ranges, all we need is the weight, type, and speed of your bullet to get the best results.

Kydex Holsters and Sheaths
In addition to everything else we offer we can make you a custom Kydex holster for your gun or knife sheath. We have access to a wide range of colors and have made numerous styles and types of designs. If you can think it up we can make it! Contact us to arrange for custom Holsters and Sheaths.