Custom Duracoat Mosin Nagant

Tired of having just dull black rifles and pistols? Add some variety to your collection! Either for aesthetics or for hunting or duty use we can paint your firearm to be any color in the tactical rainbow.

Our preferred firearms coating is duracoat brand paint. We apply it in house with our sprayer system, doing 3 coats of paint followed by 3 layers of clear coat as well to provide a through coating and an long lasting finish to prevent rust and protect your firearm.


Our pricing is based around the number of colors required, amount of paint, and the prep work. For proper coating and painting the firearm must be fully disassembled and key areas masked or blocked off so that the coating does not interfere with the operation of the firearm. Many lower priced services either do not fully disassemble the gun or fail to properly prepare it, resulting in poor wear and overall quality. Preparation is 90% of the work, and spraying is just a small portion of the overall process!


  • Single color entire pistol – $250
  • Slide or frame only – $125


  • Single color entire rifle -$300
  • Forend or stock only – $100
  • Upper or lower receivers each – $100
  • Barrels less than 20 inch – $100
  • Barrels over 20 inch – $175

Note: costs for stencils needed for camouflage or detailed patterns are not included.