Firearm Restorations

We receive firearms on a regular basis that have been either neglected, abused, or have just suffered an unfortunate turn of events (Run ins with mother nature). As you can guess several of these firearms have sentimental, historical, and even just monetary value. Restoring them correctly is key to maintaining all of these aspects as well as keeping them presentable.

We can do varying levels of restoration, and each are always dependent on the firearm, the damage to it, missing parts, and anything else that needs to be replaced.

Appearance Restoration

Many times this is the option for our customers who have an older firearm that cannot be repaired to the point that it is safe for firing, parts are not available, cannot afford a higher end restoration, or just want it brought up to a point that they can put it over the mantle to display for their friends and family. Usually this just involves removing rust from the surface of the firearm, internal components, a through cleaning, and re-bluing the firearm. The result is a clean presentable firearm that you can proudly display.

Operational Restoration

An operational restoration involves all of the work that an Appearance restoration brings, but also involves working on the internal components as well to bring the firearm up to a safe firing operational standard. Replacing or repairing springs, barrels, locking blocks, sears, and other critical components to the operation of the firearm. This is usually a choice for people that want to still continue to hunt with a family heirloom or where doing a full restoration is just not an option due to costs or historical reasons (such as processes that simply cannot be replicated).

Full Restoration

As you can guess a full restoration brings everything on the firearm back up to the standards that it was originally manufactured with. Re-bluing, polishing, even making custom no longer produced or available parts are all part of this process. Custom stock work, checkering, and full service overhaul is what is to be expected on this level of restoration to make it period correct. This is a very time consuming process as sourcing materials, components, and proper research is all done to make sure the firearm is rebuilt to the standards it would have been made to from the factory floor. Something of this level we bill as the work and components are completed.