Grip Stippling and Frame Modifications

We offer stippling and frame reshaping services for all makes and models of firearms. All of our stippling work is done by hand. Most will say this is a slow and out dated method. However, we find that this method creates more micro-textures, which makes the firearm have a more positive grip when wet or under slippery conditions. Laser engraved stippling offers more aesthetics than functionality we have found. As the heat is applied for a very short time in a very small area, it tends to smooth the area instead of creating depth. Using an iron that heats the polymer directly causes more cavitation and thus micro-textures form. Stippling work starts at $140 and more complex projects will be priced based on shop time.

It might not have the greatest looks in comparison to lasering, but we find it gives you more function. Not to say we can’t do some custom patterning and layouts.

Check out a few of our completed stippling projects:

  • Custom Glock stippled in our fine peaks pattern
    Custom Glock stippled in our fine peaks pattern


Do to the recent rulings from the ATF, manufacturer’s name and location can no longer be relocated on pistols. Meaning for Glocks in particular we must maintain the Glock logo and name on the stippling jobs. Most other guns do not have this information in the grip area, but does apply to them as well. We will automatically avoid those areas and put borders or styling that go along with your chosen pattern, unless otherwise specified.

Frame Modifications

We can do several frame modifications to allow you to get a better grip and control of your firearm. Including but not limited to the following:

  • Undercuts to bring your grip higher on the firearm.
  • Indentations to allow your trigger finger and thumb to index on the frame.
  • Removal or adding of finger grooves
  • Reshaping of trigger guards
  • Installations of Mag wells/flaring to assist with reloading.
  • Installation of gas peddles and thumb rests.

All of these assist in maintaining control over the firearm and keeping a high ready grip and by extension reduced recoil of the firearm. These can be performed on a wide variety of polymer and metal firearms. If you have an idea for something you want done to your firearm feel free to contact us with your idea and we’ll get you a quote on it.