Class 3 Firearms

Hall Precision has a class 2 Special Occupation Tax (SOT) which allows us to not only deal in what is often referred to as “Class 3” NFA firearms, such as suppressors and short barrel rifles, but we can also manufacture them as well. Allowing us to build you a dream Short Barrel Rifle, suppressor, or even a short barrel shotgun to whatever your specifications may be!

We have several manufacturer’s suppressors in stock, and can order most that are still currently produced.

Further we have made it really easy to purchase an NFA device in our store!

We have a SilencerShop web store and Kiosk in store as well!

Check out our SilencerShop website for any items you wish to purchase through there and be transferred to us.

Feel free to look through the selection of Class 3 firearms we can get through our other network of distributors for you:

If you want for us to build you a custom short barrel rifle, we specialize in making AR-15 and AR-10 style short barrel rifles. Feel free to contact us to discuss what requirements you have and we can work on getting you a price estimate.