Barrel Threading

We can thread the barrels of many different firearms. With our threading process we start at the end bore of the barrel and turn it down using that reference point. We use this method as we have found many barrels are not concentric from their bore to the outside edges of the barrel. To prevent baffle strikes on suppressors and longer muzzle brakes, this is critical to maintain.

The process is usually just two steps but may require a third depending on your barrel.

First we begin with turning down the outside diameter of the barrel down to the size and depth needed for the threads. From there the next step is to start a thread guide in line with the bore and thread the barrel. Finishing up by running a threading die over the threads to clean up the peaks and valleys of the threads.

Now during these two steps or upon customer request we can identify if we need to run a third process of recrowning the barrel. This may be needed on some barrels due to how their crowns are initially cut such as step crowns, which in some cases bring the step very close to the threads. A thin wall next to your starting threads is not desired as it will lead to damaging that wall and/or the threads near it. We recommend recrowning your barrel to a target crown most of the time if this is the case.

Barrel threading start at a rate of $150 for the service, and can go up if specialty cutters or jigs are needed, or the barrel has to be recrowned. If the firearm is not already disassembled down to being just a barreled action or just the barrel there is a $70 disassembly/reassembly fee.