Shot group coaching

We’ve found that there are quite a few folks out there trying to figure out, just why the heck are their shot groups not being consistent, or always to one side, or always high or always low. There can be a lot of factors going on to why a group of shots are all pulling one way, the other or not at all.

So we decided to start offering a quick basic class just to help clean up shot groupings!

Using our firearms simulator we can use a trainer pistol or your own to diagnose your shot groups, and help you make corrections to improve them. We’ve found that sometimes it’s the gun, sometimes it’s the sights, and sometimes it’s the technique being used by the shooter.

We offer two versions of this class, one we do in the class room alone, and another that has a live fire portion as well. We do this as we have found some people are just looking for some pointers, and others just want a far more in-depth and hands on confirmation at the range (because recoil does have an effect as well!).

Shot group coaching classroom only $70

With this package we evaluate your firearm, look it over for defects that could cause your grouping issues, such as trigger pull and sights, and run you through our firearms simulator. Doing so allows us to diagnose trigger pull, grip, stance, and technique that could be causing the shot group inconsistency you see.

Shot group coaching with live fire $105 (range fees NOT included)

We extend the classroom training beyond with a trip to the range to see how your groupings work with live fire ammunition. We find that many people can shoot fine, but under recoil or the stress of the range they do differently. Flinching and pulling might not be obvious while shooting but to a trained instructor they can be seen. Additionally a firearm may have a burr or defect causing the shots to be inconsistent that may not appear until it is being fired with real ammunition. As a result the live fire portion gives us a chance to test your firearm under real load and conditions the simulator just cannot.

We schedule this course on a one to one training scenario, and can do it on mondays, Tuesdays, and thursdays. Weekends can vary for availability. Please contact us to schedule a day for you to take our course.