Cleanings and Inspections

It needed a cleaning BADLY, no wonder it was so sluggish

We offer a couple varying levels of cleaning for your firearms, depending on how dirty they are, or even their age we can make a suggestion to what will be the appropriate level of cleaning needed. Every time we do a cleaning we also do an inspection of your firearm for any damage, safety issues, and abnormal wear of components. Making dropping off your firearm for basic maintenance an easy and convenient experience for you.

Basic cleaning (for light fouling and debris)

Our basic cleaning service features a field strip of your firearm, removal of actions from their stocks, cleaning of the bore, action, and critical surfaces. Carbon, copper, brass and other common fouling will be removed during the cleaning, restoring your firearm’s accuracy and reliability. Since we have your firearm apart during this process it gives us an excellent chance to inspect it for pitting, hidden rust, and mechanical issues. Finding such problems at this point is the ideal time to identify if you want to repair them, save up for the work to be done, or see if the firearm is still safe to put out into the field. Of course a good cleaning comes with a proper oiling as well to keep your firearm running smooth.

Deep cleaning (for heavy buildup and debris)

When your gun is heavily built up with carbon, the action is slow, sluggish, has visible rust, or just not quite fully reliable; it’s a good chance it is going to need a deep cleaning. With our deep cleaning service we go further than our basic cleaning by fully disassembling your firearm, and cleaning the parts that are safe to be placed in an ultrasonic cleaner.

  • Nothing like a carbon saturated trigger group with some mud in it to slow things down