Grind to Fit Butt-pad

If you are missing the butt-pad on your gun, or the one you have has become worn or damaged we can get a new one for you and do a grind to fit.

We can order grind to fit butt-pads from many manufactures such as limbsaver, Pachmayr, and Kick-Eez. The fitting process may seem simple, but requires a bit of effort to fit to the stock of the rifle. There are generally two different ways to do it.

Unfinished Stock

If your stock is unfinished or is going to be refinished then this is a great chance to get the absolute best fit of your new recoil pad to the gun. It is also the simplest to do! We mount the new recoil pad to your rifle and simply grind and sand it down completely to match the contour of your stock. Letting us get a perfect toe and comb angle to match your stock, and making in completely flush. We then can go through and refinish the stock and apply any final coats to it as well. Generally you are going to be looking at $100 plus the cost of the recoil pad. If your stock needs to be shortened there is an additional charge. Shortening stocks is charged at our hourly rate and is at a one hour minimum of $70.

Finished Stock

If your stock is already finished and in good shape, then the work for mating a new recoil pad is going to be a bit more, but it’s not terribly more. First we mount your new recoil pad, and make a trace of your stock onto it. From there we make a measurement of the angle of the comb of your stock (the top side) and then transfer it to the recoil pad by grinding it after taking it off your stock. We repeat the same process for the toe (bottom of the stock) so that the butt-pad follows the same end angle of your stock. Creating a really nice transition and look from the stock to the butt-pad. We will grind up to the lines we marked, and then do a bit of final fit with some hand sanding where needed. Generally you are going to be looking at about two shop hours of shop time which runs $140 plus the cost of the recoil pad. (Shortening of the stock is extra if requested)

The result is a wonderful looking recoil pad that flows right into the stock! Take a look at some of our work below:

  • A finished butt-pad fitted to a gun by grinding to fit.
    A Finished butt-pad fitted to a rifle. This was fitted off the rifle as the customer wanted the stock preserved as it was. Closer fits are accomplished by grinding it down while still mounted to the stock.