Introduction to firearms course

Our introduction to firearms course is designed for those just getting started with firearms, and people wanting a basic firearms safety course. Our course is designed as if you’ve never handled a firearm before. Giving you a fresh base line to start learning with, in a friendly non judgemental environment. Going through all of the safety rules and handling procedures for a firearm, loading and unloading, proper grip, stance, sight alignment, and sight picture. The majority of our course is performed in our classroom environment, allowing us to easily convey the key points without pressure or distractions. At the end we go out to the range once you, and us are confident in your new skills, and ready for the live fire session.

A big advantage of taking our course is during the second half of the classroom training we use a firearms simulator that helps us ensure you have the proper handling and control over your firearm. Saving valuable time at the range and getting you up to speed faster than any other traditional training methods. Giving our students a huge advantage over others in learning their new skill set, as we can communicate easier, have more firing attempts, and give rapid feedback to the handling of the firearm that is far quicker than possible at a traditional live range.

At the end of the live fire portion, we give you final pointers for what to focus on in your own private practice, and encourage you to come back to us with any questions you have in the future. You aren’t just a customer or a student for a few hours, but one we are glad to always give pointers and advice to.

This course is great for new shooters, and individuals who want to get a refresher on handling their firearms safely. Generally this course runs about 4 hours, but as with all of our classes it can vary some depending on questions asked. This course runs $199 per person and we limit it to one on one training or to two people for couples who sign up at the same time.


  • At least 1 paid hour of range time for both instructor and student
  • Eye and hear protection (If you don’t have any, you must rent some at the range)
  • A pistol or revolver to use during the course (We can provide a 22LR pistol for the course if you do not have one)
  • At least 50 rounds of ammunition for the firearm used during the course (Ammunition available in our store, and at the range)

Feel free to contact us to schedule a training session. Each course is available for scheduling with you on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays depending on availability.