Purchasing a Class 3 (NFA) Device

Purchasing an NFA (National Firearms Action) Device through us is very straightforward and easy. First thing, what is knowing what an NFA device is. An NFA device is simply defined as any of the following:

  • Suppressors – A device that reduces the sound a firearm makes
  • Machine Guns – Firearms that discharge more than one round per pull of the trigger
  • Short Barrel Rifles – Rifles that have a barrel less than 16 inches
  • Short Barrel Shotguns – Shotguns that have a barrel less than 18 inches
  • AOW / “Any other Weapons” – These are firearms that don’t get classified as a pistol, shotgun, rifle, or any of the above.

If you are purchasing a pistol, rifle, or shotgun, none of this stuff applies to you, and a normal firearm background check is done. Here in Virginia this usually takes about 15 minutes.

However if you are purchasing any of those NFA devices listed above, then you should know the rules for purchasing them is a bit different.

The process for purchasing an NFA item, requires you to have finger prints taken, passport style photos, making a check payable to the ATF, in addition to filling out a lengthy form 4. Further doing all of this and not making any errors in the paperwork, or the finger print forms, getting photos and finger prints taken. It can be a bit of a process, one that usually involves making several appointments and going across town several times just to get it done if you can in a single day.

Simply put… WHAT A HASSLE!

Purchasing an NFA device through us we make things way simpler! We have a Kiosk in store that allows you to do your finger prints, and there is an app for your cell phone that allows you to take your pictures (on a light, plain colored background please), and we generate all the paperwork in our computer and handle the payment to the ATF.

Basically all you have to do is spend about 5-10 minutes at our Kiosk, and the rest is just simply paying for your device! Further the next time you want to purchase a device, you just pay for it with us and wait for the ATF to send us your tax stamp.

We will warn you though! The process is so simple and easy, you might just get addicted to purchasing suppressors and short barrel rifles!

SilencerShop Kiosk
We have a SilencerShop Kiosk in store, to make finger printing and purchasing suppressors easy